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How to Get your Ex Back Step-by-Step Guide

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Hi, In this blog I am going to share step by step guide for getting your ex back. If you search online you will find many articles on how to get your ex back but there is no complete step by step guide for getting ex back. That is why in this blog you will find complete guide of how to get your ex back. These are step by step tips which help me in getting my ex back. When my ex left me then I spend many days and night for searching about secrets of getting her back and finally I get her back. If you also want to get your ex back then you need to follow these step one by one and make sure you follow them till the end because I am sure, the steps I am going to tell you will surely work if you follow them correctly.
Foundation of getting your ex back:
It is very important for you to fully focus on this lesson because it is foundation of getting your ex back. If you want to get your ex back in your life then you need to build strong foundation. Without strong foundation you will never get your ex back. So are you ready? Here we go.
“The most important thing you need to do is to fully accept your breakup and get back in your routine life once again.”
I know it is not easy for you to get back in routine life especially if it was your first love. It is possible that you get angry after hearing above word but let me define why it is important to accept breakup. When you fully accept your breakup and start focusing more on your office work then you start getting active in your life which helps greatly in improving your personality. If you want to see your ex back in your life then you need to spend some time on yourself.
Trust it or not the most attractive quality your ex gonna like is improvement in your personality. When your ex sees you are spend your life even better then your ex start getting attract. But the improvement should be 100% authentic. If you want to your ex love you once again then you need to improvement your personality. Breakup is very painful and to overcome from the pain of breakup you need to give some time to yourself. I am not going to accept your breakup now, take some time and start involving yourself in different work.
The Pain of Breakup:
As explained above breakups are very painful it gives very deep sorrow. And not only that breakup hurt in multiple ways. First is the sorrow of missing the most important person and second is breaking of all the future dreams you and your ex both see together. Truly the life after breakup is very horrible. And there is no school which teaches how to deal with the sad feeling of breakup that is why take time to recover yourself from sad feeling of breakup.
There are basically three stages you will face during accepting your breakup. In the first or beginning days of your breakup your mind is not accepting breakup and it is possible you will always want to hear from your ex. In this stage it is necessary to understand why you and your ex both separated with each other. What mistake you did in your relationship? Ask all these types of question from yourself in the beginning days of your breakup. When you enter in the second stage then you will face feeling of depression, anger and anxiety. The second stage is the most difficult stage of all the stages and this stage will last longer than any other stage. Different people handle this stage differently. Some people keep themselves busy in different work to avoid getting the painful feeling of their relationship but some people fully experience these feeling. In the last stage you mind slowly start accepting breakup and this is the stage where you start giving time on yourself.
How much time it require to fully accept breakup?
It is possible you are wondering this question and want to know the answer of it. The answer is it all depends on you. If you close yourself in room and always thinking and searching how to get your ex back then it will take away forever from getting ex back. The most important thing is efforts. If you want to see your ex in your life then you need to apply your efforts in getting your ex back. In the beginning stage of breakup you will feel minutes like an hour. That is why it is very important to involve yourself in different public activities. Your ex will not come back in your life overnight you need to wait for some time.
Reason of your Breakup:
It is very important to know the reason of your breakup. After accepting breakup then you need to know why your relationship failed. Understand your past mistakes will stop you from doing them again and it will help greatly when you get your ex in your life.
In this modern world, breakups happen in every relation and there is no relationship which is safe from breakup. Some breakup not last longer and some breakups last forever. The mistake that most people do is they don’t decode the actual reason for breakup. Every relationship end for the unique reason but few common reasons of breakup are:
  1. Cheating and Lying
  2. Fighting and Arguing
  3. Miscommunication between the couple
  4. Jealousy
When breakup happen that mean one partner fail to deliver the requirements of relationship. It is in human nature that human depends on external source for the happiness. Not only happiness but also for fame, money and status. When a man and woman both gets in relationship they become dependent for their happiness and when one partner start fail to deliver happiness to his/her partner then relationship breakup happens.
God build men and women completely different. They characteristics, way of thinking, communication, problem handling are different, more than that their wants from other partner is also different. Many women think that men want only sex which is true but not 100%. Yes, man wants sex but there are other things that men want from his women and these things are admiration and respect. But women on other hand are totally different from men. The most important thing that women want is best friend that always listen them.
When man and woman both get in relationship they spend most of their time together and not only that man loves to listen each and every thing and woman on other side gives love, happiness in return. Relationship breakup happens when one partner start failing in delivering the relationship requirements to other partner.
Avoid These Mistakes After Breakup:
The most important thing for how to get your ex back is that you need to avoid mistake that most people do. Some common mistakes are:
  • Asking Questions from Ex Partner:
Many people start questioning from their partner about the reason for the breakup. Your ex leaves you for a reason and it is not necessary to ask that reason from your ex. Your ex will never tell you about the actual reason. If you want to know the reason then you need to pin point by yourself.

  • Drunk Calling to ex:
Another mistake you need to avoid is drunk dialing. Many people start drunk dialing to their ex and as the result their lost their ex forever. That is why if you need to get your ex back in your life then you need to stop yourself from drunk dialing.

  • Begging in-front of your ex:
Keep one thing in your mind that you lost your ex, now don’t lose your self-respect. Begging to ex for take you back means you have no self-respect. Begging will make you unattractive no one like to have relationship with unattractive person. Begging to ex will not change your ex decision and if you want your ex to re-think of her decision then you need to accept your ex decision.
What is No Contact Rule?
When you are reading different articles about how to get your ex back you surely read about No contact. What is no contact rule? Some relationship experts call it 60 days no contact and some relationship experts call it 30 days. Trust me, if it use correctly then it is your secret weapon in getting your ex back. No contact rule is all about controlling yourself. It is basically a test of your self-control. If you want your ex to call you again then you need to go for 60 days no contact. Yes, remaining no contact with ex for 60 days is not easy but it is the fastest way to get ex back. It is possible you receive call from your ex in within these 60 days but you need to control on yourself because the main advantage of 60 days No contact is to realize your importance to your ex. When your ex start missing you from her life then automatically your importance start raising and one day come when your ex contact you once again.
The most important thing that need in this method is honesty. You need to follow this step follow with complete honesty because if you cheat in this method you will push your ex even further. NO CONTACT means no contact in any form no calling, no texting, no chatting, no stalking and no email. Remove your ex memories from your mind for these 60 days. No contact method have some rules which are explain below:
  1. Remove Your Ex Reminders from every place
  2. No Smoking, Drinking
  3. Delete your ex number from your cell phone.
These are three rules of no contact and you need to control yourself from contacting your ex even if you are dying to see your ex wait for 60 days to pass.
What to do in these 60 Days No Contact?
I know you are wondering this question. Life without the lover really become slow and every day feels like 42 hours long. I know it is very difficult to you to spend these days without your ex especially if you like to spend most of your free time with your ex partner. These 60 days are very important days of your whole life. In these 60 days either you will get your ex in your life forever or you will lose your ex forever. One cheating in this method will damage your chances in getting your ex back. You can spend these days either by good way or bad way it is your choice. You can either get back in your life to make new friends or you can close yourself alone in dark room. Its totally your choice. The biggest disadvantage you get when you close yourself alone in the dark room is that you lose your communication and attractive skills which is very important when contacting ex again. That is why it is good to get active in your daily life. Here are the few things you can do in these 60 days no contact.
  • Make new Friends:
Friends are very important that is why you need to make new friends. When you and your ex both in relationship you both spend most of time together and not give time to other friends. After breakup now you have good opportunity to make new friend or renew your old friendship.
  • Spend some time with your Family:
Your family members are always ready to support you at any situation and the only thing you need to do is to spend some time with your family member. If you don’t go for picnic with your family then plan for picnic with your family members and spend time as much as possible.
  • Don’t forget about your passion:
Do you have passion for something that you like to do before meeting with your ex? If you have that will be great start doing your passion.
  • Give more energy at your work:
Instead of spending free time thinking about past relationship it is good to do some work. If your job offer overtime task accept it and try to complete it perfectly. It is best for your career building.
  • Back in Shape:
Are you getting fatter? Spend these 60 days in updating yourself. If you are having extra fat try to lose it by going to GYM. Girl like boys that have some muscle that is why if you are slim build some muscle.
After following these steps of how to get your ex back I am sure you will get your ex back in your life. Always remember one important thing and that is 60 days no contact. It is like your special weapon if you use it perfectly you will get your ex in your life but if you do little bit of mistake then it damages your chances of getting ex back.
After 60 days No contact:
After following the above steps now you are thinking what will be happen after 60 days. Many people who follow 60 days no contact correctly often receive call from their ex and even some people receive call from their ex is just 30 days. But in case you don’t receive call or text from your ex then you need to contact your ex now. But remember before contacting your ex you need to complete little quiz which explain either you are ready to contact your ex or not.
  1. Have you successfully completed 60 days no contact?
  2. Have you make new friend or renew your old friendship?
  3. Have you removed the reminder of your ex from your home?
  4. Have you date with other women?
Before contacting your ex, ask these question from yourself if the answer of majority of questions is YES then you are ready to contact your ex and if the answer is NO to majority of the question then you are not ready. It is good to wait for some more days before contacting your ex. When you feel you are ready then contact your ex and make sure you talk with her with full confidence because women like men that are full of confidence.
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